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UCSD Green New Deal
UCSD Green New Deal
Two and a half months ago UCSD Green New Deal jumped into action by taking part in the global climate strike demanding radical action to address the climate crisis. Last week the Collins Dictionary named 'climate strike' the word of the year!

On November 29th another global strike will be taking place. This time around UCSD is on break for Thanksgiving, so we won't be hosting our own strike, but we encourage you to find a strike near you, wherever you may have gone for Thanksgiving. Check out this map of global strikes:

In solidarity ✊🌏

#keepyourpromises UC San Diego #decarbonize2025 #fossilfree #fridaysforthefuture
UCSD Green New Deal
UCSD Green New Deal
UCSD Keep your promise to decarbonize by 2025! These are some of the people across campus who have started to show their support to this digital manifestation that is part of the UCSD Green New Deal! Make your sign, take your photo, don't forget your to use the hashtags listed below, and post! Our goal is to fill the internet with a message that will leave a digital footprint that will call attention on what was promised, so that action can start now. #ucsd #ucsdkeepyourpromise #ucsdgreennewdeal #ucsddecarbonize #localclimateaction #climatechange #climateaction
UCSD Green New Deal
UCSD Green New Deal
Italy's government is working to ensure that all it's students get educated in the climate crisis. Time to step up UCSD - University of California San Diego and start teaching the climate crisis here!
UCSD Green New Deal
UCSD Green New Deal
Great First Friday meeting this 1st of November!
Lots of action groups have formed and are already getting campaigns underway:
- Endowment Fund divestment campaign
- #Keepyourpromise social media campaign
- Teaching the climate crisis symposium
- Climate crisis presentations
- Zero food waste push
- Push to get AS, GSA, FS, union resolutions

Join us next month, Friday Dec 6th, or reach out beforehand if you want to dive in before then!
UCSD Green New Deal
UCSD Green New Deal
See you at 4pm! Cricks Conference room, 3245 Mandler, Psych Dept 🌏✊


Great collective action campaigns being planned at UCSD Green New Deal First Fridays. Join us next time! ucsdgreennewde1 photo

Please join us at 4pm today for a First Friday meeting of the UCSD Green New Deal ucsdgreennewde1 photo

At UCSD, @Triton_News covers the Oct 4th First Friday meeting of the UCSD Green New Deal:

"City concerned with SDSU’s analysis of Mission Valley stadium and campus". Erm, we have a climate crisis people, and you want to build a new stadium and center needing thousands of car trips!

What a complete joke. @UCSanDiego has declared a climate emergency and said it will meet "carbon neutral" goals by 2025 but it's using gasoline-powered leaf blowers on the campus every day. @UofCalifornia please take note.

“People act like the climate crisis is going to affect people in faraway lands. No, the whole world is going to be turned upside down in ten years,” said @UCSanDiego Computer Science & Engineering Prof @RanjitJhala to @Triton_News. “I’m just horrified.”