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Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD
Our voices are being heard! Check out the article about the UC Riverside Townhall regarding the search for a new UC President.

Highlights include: Associate Director of Sustainability Brian Siana voiced the urgency of the climate change and called for the next UC president to acknowledge and take immediate action to reduce carbon emissions in the UC system.
Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD
Our allies in the American Federation of Teachers are holding a rally on Feb 3rd. Head along and stand in solidarity with them! This is the time to show your support for UCAFT Lecturers in our continued labor struggle, in our collective effort to bargain fair contracts for us all.
UCSD Lecturer Contract Expiration Rally Information
WHEN: Monday, February 3rd at 12:30pm
WHERE: Rally at Silent Tree outside Geisel, March through Price Center to Chancellor's Complex

Please mark your calendars for the rally, RSVP, show up, spread the word, bring your students, colleagues and community out to the rally and march.
Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD
Interested in volunteering? Want to promote us with tabling and flyering?

We'll be tabling this Wednesday at the Winter Org Wilderness (WOW) Fair on Library Walk from 11-5 PM, and we need all the help we can get at this important campus event! If interested, please sign up for any time you can volunteer on this spreadsheet:

If you can't make it that day, you can still sign up to flyer/table on Library Walk for other times this week on this Doodle poll: And please comment on this post or DM us that you signed up so that Lilia will contact you about what your next steps are!
Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD
Panel and workshop to dig deeper into “green technologies” that continue to exploit indigenous land/water/life. Reground what we imagine as “climate solutions” through convivial relationships with each other and the earth.
Please register:

See more at:
Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD
We can’t wait for it to all balance out IN THE END. We need DECARBONIZATION NOW.

“Purchasing offsets means that airlines can continue to emit greenhouse gasses while putting money into programs that halt future emissions. In the end, the net emissions should be zero.”

What should one make of all this talk about offsets??
Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD
"the money inside the vaults of banks like Chase is driving the climate crisis. Cutting off that flow of cash may be the single quickest step we can take to rein in the fossil fuel industry and slow the rapid warming of the earth."
Maybe it's time we #chasethemout of our campus! Chase Bank has no place here.


36 #UC orgs and over 2400 student/staff/faculty signed petition for @UofCalifornia Board of Regents to prioritize #ClimateChange in the selection of new UC President.

@UCSDnews @SustainUCSD #DoomsdayClock
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#UC Board of Regents: Next UC president must lower 📉 GHG and create #sustainability model 🔜 #UCSD Let's make sure this is done! #WednesdayWisdom

Remarkable report with striking graphics from McKinsey. It chartsthe risk of extreme heat in India and other case studies over next 3 decades, from future of food supply in Africa to the economic impact of rising sea levels and devalued houses in Florida

Carbon Offsets are all the rage for companies trying to look green. Offsets are deeply problematic, and in many cases because doing them displaces serious action they can be worse than nothing.

How to decarbonize. Maybe UCSD could take a leaf out of Barcelona's book?

The new UC President will be positioned to lead the world in decarbonizing a major institution. We need Climate Crisis to be a search criterion. We've passed our goal of 2000 signatures! Can we get 3000 by the 21st? Please share widely: ucsdgreennewde1 photo