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Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD3 days ago
Mark your calendars! This Friday January 22nd, 2021 from 4 - 5:15 pm (pt) our allies at SD350 is hosting the FRACKING FOR OUR FUTURE webinar.

The Youth v. Oil campaign is hosting a webinar centered around educating the issue of oil drilling in California! We will discuss climate justice and the environmental impacts that are caused by fracking.

Come to hear from multiple panelists speak about their personal experiences with living near fracking sites, how they are aiding the movement and mobilizing people to stand up against the fossil fuel industry.

This event is organized entirely by youth climate activists from San Diego! Youth v. Oil is currently organizing a campaign with the purpose of urging Governor Newsom to stop issuing new fracking permits and to create a solid plan to phase out oil drilling in California. At our webinar, we will discuss our campaign and how you can support youth climate leaders! This event is open to anyone (adults and youth). Please join our webinar to learn more about oil drilling, hear from influential community organizers, and help San Diego youth protect their future!

RSVP here:

Hope to see you all there!!
Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD5 days ago
Join us for a Third Thursday Cafe this Thursday January 21st at 8pm where we will discuss Biden's plan in response of climate change.

An informative meeting that will talk you through the next administration's plan on fighting climate change for the next for years. Please sign-up for the mailing list to get the zoom link : http:/

Can't wait to see y'all there!!
Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD6 days ago
Join the Climate Accountability Team!!

By signing up you will commit to signing up to give a public comment at the upcoming Regent's meeting on January 19th-21st. We will provide you with a how-to guide with instructions on how to submit a public comment along with suggested talking points. You are open to choose to either submit a written comment or/and request to give a spoken one. Speakers get chosen randomly from a large pool of requesters, so we need more people to request so some of us can at least speak.

Written comments and requests to speak must be submitted by this Monday January 18th in order to be considered!!

Thank you so much for your help. Feel free to contact us through here, or through an email if you are unsure about how to submit a comment or would like a second opinion.
Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD2 weeks ago
Green Corps is looking for college graduates who are ready to take on the biggest environmental challenges of our day.

Their program starts by putting you in an intensive classroom training. You learn about issues and campaigns, organizing theory and principles, and skills from recruiting volunteers to staging a media event. Then, you move to a more hands-on experience. You make a difference on important campaigns to transition our country to clean energy, protect wildlife, and more. For example, Lauren Karpinski, an organizer from the Green Corps Class of 2019, brought together a coalition of 40 groups that helped win a landmark solar energy bill in Arkansas this past year.

Apply now to be considered for their 2021/2022 cohort.
Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD1 month ago
Get a brief insight on how climate change may impact our health by watching this short 3 minute video.

There is more than one way climate change can impact our health and the quality of life we may be able to lead. From wildfires to CO2 emissions and plastic pollution, climate change is impacting our health today and will do so even more tomorrow making a top priority issue everyone should get involved in.

If you found this video informative please share!
Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD1 month ago
Are you an undergraduate student seeking more involvement with climate action? The Third Thursday CAFE is GND at UCSD’s group made by and for undergrads looking for support in their journey with climate action.

Our last Third Thursday CAFE of the quarter is this Thursday from 8-9pm PST.

We are excited to have guest speaker Dr. Kristina Mendez from UCSD CAPS to discuss our own relationship with nature and how capitalism and colonialism impacts our wellbeing. The holidays can be a stressful time, and in combination with this year’s events, it’s important to evaluate our own feelings and interactions with the climate crisis.

For Zoom information, sign up to GND at UCSD’s mailing list via the link in our bio! We hope to see you there, and we wish you a happy holiday season!


3 days ago
The UC Regents are meeting this week.
Public comments are being made.
Here's one, asking them to change the climate action goal from CARBON NEUTRALITY to FOSSIL FREE!
ucsdgreennewde1 photo
7 days ago
Allies in the University of California, please help.
A super concrete thing you can do - sign up NOW to speak to, or write to, the Regents.
We need the Regents to set goals for the UC to get off fossil fuels; for energy systems and for finance.
#UCGetOffTheGas @UCGreenNewDeal
ucsdgreennewde1 photo
2 weeks ago
In 2020 in the US alone, twenty two weather-related disasters each cost more than US$1 billion
ucsdgreennewde1 photo
1 month ago
"There is something uneasy in the Los Angeles air this afternoon, some unnatural stillness ... What it means is that tonight a Santa Ana will begin to blow, a hot wind from the northeast whining down through the ... San Gorgonia Pass .. drying the hills and the nerves". Didion ucsdgreennewde1 photo
1 month ago
Interesting. This hurts Australia's coal industry and coal politics.

China Battles the World’s Biggest Coal Exporter, and Coal Is Losing
1 month ago
Scientists @UofCalifornia strongly suggest early-retirement of gas-burning plants.

"... power sector capital ... will take decades to retire unless its value is sacrificed, and lower-warming scenarios often demand such sacrifice."

#UCGetOffTheGas NOW!