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Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD
Take a look at this amazing TED talk by Margaret Heffernan about how 'conflict' is at the root of critical thinking and how we need to get more comfortable with it in order to be creative and find solutions!
Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD
Calling all lecturers, librarians, Preuss teachers, labor allies, supporters, families, and community members!! Join UCSD Lecturers and Librarians Union UCAFT at UCSD in welcoming President Drake with caravans at UC campuses across the state 8/17! We meet at Torrey Pines Glider Port at 9:00am. We need you there to tell Drake why job security matters to you, for our families, and our students! It’s not a caravan without you!!! Register at (

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Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD
News article covering Monday's launch of the San Diego Green New Deal Alliance (our org is a founding member)!
Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD is thrilled to announce that Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR), the Executive Director of North Bay Jobs with Justice, Mara Ventura, and other just recovery organizers on the ground will be joining the call. We'll discuss how workers' rights and the fight for racial justice connect with climate justice and learn about principles for a just recovery!

In the wake of multiple pandemics (COVID-19, systemic racism, economic inequality and climate catastrophe), we must come together to demand a just recovery! One that leads to a just transition from fossil fuels and towards real change!

RSVP now at ( to join one or more of the following Solidarity School mass calls to get active in the fight for a just recovery:

- TODAY at 8 pm ET: Our Fight for a Just Recovery: Workers' Rights, Racial Justice, COVID & Climate

- September 9th at 8 pm ET: Defund, Abolish & Divest: Climate, Racial & Economic Justice

- October 7th at 8 pm ET: Protecting Votes & Building Power: Climate Justice & the Election

- November 11th at 8 pm Et: From Recovery to Restoration: Holding Politicians Accountable & Organizing for a Just Transition

#justrecoveryforall #racialjustice #climatejustice
Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD
Very saddening how Canada's last 'lake on ice' just disappeared thanks to global warming:
Green New Deal at UCSD
Green New Deal at UCSD
The San Diego Green New Deal Alliance officially launched yesterday and they're urging supporters to send in an email to local council members asking them to champion a Green New Deal CAP! You can copy+paste the suggested subject line, email addresses, and email body into an email.

See this link for the info (!

We are founding members of this alliance, so please take action. It takes only TWO minutes!


Useful news on matters in University of California:
- policing will not be cut
- top campus salaries might be cut
- there might be a vote on the telescope in Hawaii
Missing: climate action

A group of faculty published an analysis of UCSD's finances in the context of the current pandemic and potential cuts.

The data they collect paints a very concerning picture about the changing nature of the institution.

Great article in the Guardian today on Extinction Rebellion UK, from the start until now.

You are all heroes for trying so hard.

Your world-changing struggle, your difficulties, conflict and adaptation teach us. Thank you.

@guardian @XRebellionUK

“Tenured faculty at UC are well paid with good benefits. It's one of the last good jobs. What counts though is what they do with the opportunity, and most remain in business-as-usual mode”. @johnforan at UCSB


Wake up Profs and start teaching & researching climate crisis.

Just as San Diego gears up for record-breaking heat this weekend, Carbon Brief releases information that 2020 will be the first or second hottest year ever recorded.
We must redouble our efforts to drive grassroots collective action.

A huge victory culminating from an Indigenous-led decade-long fight - and proof that we can win against pipeline expansion! #StopTMX #ClimateCrisis