Updated 08/21/23 …. Please donate $50 or $100 to us if you will, the money is well spent, as explained below.

Updated 03/31/23 …. thank you to two anonymous donors, who, with the amounts of $500 and $1000, helped us reach our December goal for $4,000!

You can always support this work…

Please click thermometer to donate. This is through the UC San Diego Foundation. Every dollar comes to our organization even though you’ll get acknowledgement via the school. Keep your receipt, it’s tax deductible. The thermometer is manually updated every few days.

Our organization has achieved astonishing successes, e.g. helping to secure:

– A reorientation of all 10 campuses away from carbon neutrality (with its reliance on offsets) towards decarbonization of campus operations.

– A commitment by UC San Diego faculty leaders for a General Education Requirement for climate for 30,000 undergraduates

– The replacement of the Chase bank at the Price Center by a credit union