Our action at Chase bank covered in the Washington Post!

Washington Post: “Monica Nelson, a student at the University of California at San Diego, helped organize a protest at the campus’s Chase branch where activists held up a banner reading “CHASE THEM OUT.” “We would like the university not to give them the next five-year lease,” she said.”

Change the world: Put the climate crisis into the search for the new UC president

The University of California is the biggest employer in the 5th biggest economy in the world. We want our new UC president to be a model for the whole world, by leading on real DECARBONIZATION not fake “carbon neutrality”. Add your name and share with 20 people: https://forms.gle/cHtvXhp2Xfp2bgg17

We’re now heading towards 2000 supporters, across 10 campuses: students, faculty, staff, deans, provosts, chairs, esteemed climate scientists and a Nobel Prize winner!