About us

We live in the time of an escalating climate crisis. According to the U.N. I.P.C.C. (2018) consensus of scientists, ratified by governments, emissions must be reduced about 50% by 2030 to have a decent change of limiting heating to more manageable levels. Mostly, however, governments and major institutions are still failing to act.

At the University of California, the response is a “carbon neutrality by 2025” plan. Unfortunately this is woefully inadequate. Problems include a lack of accountability, a reliance on both dubious offset mechanisms and biogas (about which experts have misgivings), and a very delayed reckoning with emissions from aviation and transportation (deferred to 2050). 

Instead, what is needed is decarbonization (i.e. genuine emissions reductions). This must be done by setting specific goals and creating accountability mechanisms. This is especially pertinent at UCSD which is currently one of the biggest emitters (> 300,000 tonnes per year of C02) within the 10-campus UC system.

Apart from not yet implementing serious emissions reductions, UC San Diego is also not yet taking seriously its responsibility to teach students about the climate crisis and about climate justice. Nor has the wider UC system yet fully divested its portfolio of fossil fuels and both the wider UC, and UC San Diego, continue to use banking systems that finance the fossil fuel industry.

The Green New Deal at UCSD is a climate action group that arose to meet these very challenges. It started with the UCSD Climate Crisis March on 27th September 2019 – which was part of the week of global climate action, in which over 7 million participated. 

The Green New Deal at UCSD has four major demands:

  1. That UC San Diego teach its entire undergraduate student body about the climate crisis and climate justice 
  2. That UC San Diego specify and meet decarbonization goals by 2025
  3. That UC and UC San Diego divest from fossil fuels and quit all fossil-fuel related banking
  4. That we build a UC system-wide Green New Deal movement

Please see here for a 1 minute video of the formation of our movement and these four demands.

These four demands relate to our four major campaigns, that you can view on this website. Please enjoy browsing our content, and we hope you are inspired to join. We operate in a democratic, grassroots way to strategically and creatively pressure the administration and the wider university to act quickly. Please see here for our Constitution and Standard Operating procedure.