The Green New Deal at UCSD is a democratically organized, grassroots collective of students, trainees, staff, union members, faculty, alumni, and retirees affiliated with our university. We campaign for concrete actions that UC San Diego and the UC system must take to address the climate crisis and environmental injustice. We stand in solidarity with frontline communities bearing the brunt of global heating, and demand that UC San Diego and the UC system reorient their vast financial, educational, research, and labor power to:

1. Ensure justice & degrowth are taught in the Gen Ed climate requirement

2. Implement the Chancellor’s goal to electrify by 2030

3. Cut ties with fossil finance and end industry-funded research

4. Advocate for non-profit public ownership of the city’s electric distribution

5. Support student well-being and workers’ rights”

A 20 minute documentary about the founding of our organization

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