About the UC Social Equity Fund

It excludes stock of companies that engage in the following activities:

  1. produce adult entertainment;
  2. produce alcoholic beverages; 
  3. produce tobacco products;
  4. produce (or produce specific and critical parts or services for) nuclear weapon systems, chemical or biological weapons, cluster munitions, and anti-personnel mines; (v) produce other weapons for military use;
  5. produce firearms or ammunition for non-military use; 
  6. own proved or probable reserves in coal, oil, or gas, or any company that FTSE determines has a primary business activity in: 
    • the exploration for, drilling, production, refining and supply of oil and gas products,
    • the supply of equipment and services to oil fields and offshore platforms, 
    • the operations of pipelines carrying oil, gas, or other forms of fuel, 
    • integrated oil and gas companies, providing a combination of services listed in (a)-(c) above, including refining and marketing of oil and gas products, or 
    • the exploration for or mining of coal; (viii) provide gambling services; 
  7. generate revenues from nuclear power production. 

More information on this fund (and the one that you are using now) can be found by going to fossilfreefunds.org and entering its ticker (VFTNX). It receives a ‘B’ rating from Fossil Free Funds, much better than most, and is the highest rated fund that is accessible through Fidelity BrokerageLink® via pull-down menus.